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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair Salon

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair Salon

It can be difficult to choose the right hair salon. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which one is the best fit for you. Here are seven things to consider when making your decision:

  1. Location
  2. Services offered
  3. Price range
  4. Atmosphere and decor
  5. Staff professionalism and attitude
  6. Reviews from other customers
  7. Special offers or discounts

1. Location

Choosing a hair salon which is in the right location is a major key to ensuring that you are satisfied in the long run. Are you looking for a salon near your home, or near work? Depending upon when you are likely to visit the hair salon you may want to consider a different location. Making sure that the salon you are selecting is convenient to get to makes sure you won’t have an easy excuse to not look your best!

2. Service offered

Consider the services offered by your hair salon before choosing your salon. If your hair salon only specializes in a few services; you could be left searching again if the services which you desire are not available. Some hair salons also offer other beauty services like spray tanning, eyebrow waxing and much more. Choosing a hair salon like Giovanni & Pileggi which offers a wide range of services can make life a lot easier and more convenient.

3. Price Range

As consumers, price is something which we are typically conscious of. Ensuring your hair salon is within a price range which can fit into your budget ensures you are able to get the services you need completed on a regular basis without breaking the bank.

4. Atmosphere and Decor

When you arrive at your hair salon for an appointment, you also want to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. A big part of this is the atmosphere and decor of the salon. Take a look inside of the hair salon you are thinking about using prior to scheduling an appointment so that you know exactly what type of space you will be arriving at. 

5. Staff Professionalism and Attitude

Just as is true with atmosphere and decor, the staff of the hair salon are also a big part of making you feel comfortable and relaxed when you come for your hair appointment. Having a stylist who cares about your style and gives you individual attention can make a massive difference in getting your look to be just right. You can always count on the professionalism of the stylists at Giovanni & Pileggi to ensure your hair looks the best that it can after every visit.

6. Reviews from Other Customers

Reading reviews from other customers is always a step which should be taken prior to making a purchase. This can be especially true for a hair salon. By reading both online reviews, and getting recommendations from people you trust, can help you to avoid a disastrous look if you are to choose the wrong hair salon.

7. Special Offers or Discounts

The last major item to consider when deciding on a hair salon are any special offers or discounts which may be offered by the salon. Many places occasionally offer New Customer Specials which can be an inexpensive way to test out a new hair salon. However, it is always important to read the fine print on any special or promotional offer so that you can understand exactly which services are, or are not included within the special.

When considering a new hair salon in Philadelphia, you should always consider Giovanni & Pileggi among those on your short list. Our team of professional stylists are the best at what they do and make sure you look and feel your best when leaving the salon. Of course, Giovanni & Pileggi offers many other services beyond just those you would find at a normal hair salon. Stop in to our location in Center City and see for yourself why Giovanni & Pileggi is your best choice for a hair salon.

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