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G&P Team Spotlight - Chelsea Hunter

G&P Team Spotlight - Chelsea Hunter

Giovanni & Pileggi is much more than just a hair salon you can rely on to keep yourself looking gorgeous, but there are a wide variety of other beauty services offered by Giovanni & Pileggi which goes beyond your hair. Specifically, nail services are an area which Giovanni & Pileggi has excelled at. Just as you have come to expect unmatched hair service from Giovanni & Pileggi, you can expect this same level of service for your nails. In order to provide you with the best service available, Giovanni & Pileggi has sought out top talent in Philadelphia to provide our customers with their dream nails. Specifically, Chelsea Hunter has joined our team at Giovanni & Pileggi as a nail technician. Learn more about Chelsea below and visit our team page to meet all of the other members of our outstanding team.

Chelsea’s Problem

For Chelsea, becoming a nail technician was a journey she did not expect, but one which made perfect sense once she began on that journey. From a young age, Chelsea always had problems with her nails. She never felt fully satisfied when she left the salon. She believed that her “special nails” had doomed her to a life of ugly nails. Fortunately for Chelsea, this was simply not true.

Chelsea’s Solution

Before she was doing her own nails, Chelsea always enjoyed watching the nail technicians work on her hands. This inspired her to give a try at the craft herself! She quickly realized that her nails were not the issue that was causing her to be unsatisfied when leaving the nail salon. 

From that moment forward, Chelsea decided to dedicate herself to the study of proper nail care. She has become an expert in both sculpting the nail and the care of the natural nail. This level of expertise allows her to not only create beautiful nail designs, but also provide know-how that keeps your nails looking sharp as long as possible. Chelsea could not be happier with her career choice she says, “I don’t think I could ask for a better career!”. She wakes up every day and assists in self-care which she is extremely passionate about.

It has been 5+ years since Chelsea began her career as a nail technician. We at Giovanni & Pileggi are ecstatic to have her joining our team for 2023. We are excited about the possibilities which this creates for our customers both new and returning! Some of the nail services Chelsea offers to customers are manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails and much more! You can rely on Chelsea and the team at Giovanni & Pileggi to provide you with an upbeat atmosphere and unmatched nail services. Call, or book online, now to experience why Giovanni & Pileggi is not just one of the top hair salons in Philadelphia, but also a leader in nail services as well!

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