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Kaaral Bleaching Cream: A Before & After

Kaaral Bleaching Cream: A Before & After

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Giovanni & Pileggi is a premier hair salon in Center City Philadelphia. Giovanni Mele and his team of stylists are always looking for new products to offer their customers to have their customers looking and feeling their best. One of the newest products offered by Giovanni & Pileggi is the Kaaral charcoal bleaching cream. This bleaching cream is vegan friendly and lightens up to 10 shades without using any toner! This makes the process much easier than a typical bleaching session. While toner is normally necessary in order to keep the color blonde compared to yellow, the Kaaral bleaching cream acts as a bleaching cream and toner in one.

Why Use Kaaral Bleaching Cream for Your Hair?

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits to using Kaaral’s bleaching cream is the fact that no toner is required. This saves time and makes your trip to a hair salon like Giovanni & Pileggi a short experience. Additionally, Kaaral bleaching cream is vegan friendly. This means that you can rest assured that no animal sourced products are used in the creation of the Kaaral charcoal bleaching cream.

Kaaral Bleaching Cream Before & After

In order to show our clients at Giovanni & Pileggi the amazing results which can be achieved using the Kaaral bleaching cream, we documented a before and after process with one of our customers! Throughout the process, we spoke with Michael to hear his own thoughts on the process as well!

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When Michael came to us he had short brown hair he wanted to have bleached for the first time. Using the Kaaral bleaching cream, he was able to achieve results which were up to 10 levels lighter than before

The first step to using the Kaaral bleaching cream and lightening up to 10 levels was is the application of the Kaaral bleaching cream. Giovanni himself applied the Kaaral bleaching cream. The entire application process took roughly 20 minutes. Throughout the application process Giovanni takes meticulous care to ensure that the cream is evenly applied throughout the hair and down to the root.

The application process was easy. As Giovanni applied the Kaaral bleaching cream, he was constantly making sure that there was no burning sensation and that my own individual skin was not having a negative reaction to the product,” Michael said of the application process. This is true! Each individual's scalp and hair are unique, both in style and in health. We want to ensure throughout the process that our customers scalp and hair health are prioritized.

Following the full application of the Kaaral bleaching cream, Michael was off to the dryer. This was the most time consuming portion of the Kaaral bleaching cream process. Michael was taken on and off the dryer for the duration of an hour. Once entirely finished, a quick rinse and Michael was on his way with 10 levels lighter hair than before.

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“The entire process was easy and simple. Giovanni took great care throughout the application of the Kaaral charcoal bleaching cream. I am ecstatic with the results. The color came out perfectly, especially considering there was no toner necessary at all!”

The stylists at Giovanni & Pileggi are sure that you will be just as satisfied as Michael was with his Kaaral bleaching cream application. The stunning results speak for themselves!

What Other Products Are Offered By Kaaral?

In addition to the Kaaral charcoal bleaching cream, Kaaral also offers a charcoal tonalizing spray. The charcoal tonalizing spray from Kaaral is a no rinse toning and conditioning spray. It has a combination of charcoal and blackberry extract. The combination of charcoal and blackberry extract orange and red undertones which appear in brown or bleach hair when the color oxidizes. Additionally, the tonalizing spray illuminates your natural white and gray hair

Another favorite Kaaral product of Giovanni & Pileggi stylists is the black bleaching powder offered by Kaaral. In the Kaaral black bleaching powder, a combination of Charcoal powder and meteorite help to neutralize unwanted red or orange undertones. Additionally, the Vega plex (containing Perilla oil & hyaluronic acid strengthen the hair fiber while preserving its structure and hydration overtime

No matter the Kaaral product which you are interested in, Giovanni & Pileggi has stylists available to help you look your very best! We make it easy to book your next appointment online and send convenient text reminders as your appointment approaches. Whether it is a Kaaral bleach cream application, manicure or even spray tan that you need, Giovanni & Pileggi is Center City Philadelphia’s one-stop beauty destination.

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