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Winter Hair Refresh Tips

Winter Hair Refresh Tips

As we bid adieu to the chill of winter and embrace the incoming spring, it's the perfect time to refresh our spirits and our hair. What better way to do that than with a curated selection of acclaimed hair care products? Let's dive into our spring refresh essentials that promise to breathe new life into dull winter strands, all shoppable in the salon!


  1. Gold Daily Detoxing Shampoo

Spring calls for a deep cleanse, and our Gold Daily Detoxing Shampoo is here to answer that call. It's not just a shampoo; it's a revival ritual for your hair. Crafted to combat the harshness of hard water, pollution, and product build-up, this non-stripping, deep-cleansing marvel works wonders on your locks. Its unique formula with Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Orange and Lemon not only detoxifies but also leaves your hair feeling light and refreshed. The shampoo excels in removing heavy metals and MEA residues from coloring and bleaching, ensuring your hair color shines bright and true. Plus, it's your shield against UV and heat damage, all while reducing color fading. Prepare for hair that's clean, detoxified, and radiant with natural shine.


  1. EVO Love Touch Shine Spray

For those finishing touches that make your hair truly sparkle, the EVO Love Touch Shine Spray is your go-to. This gem adds a gloss over any hairstyle, wet or dry, enhancing your hair's condition and manageability. Designed especially for the frizzy, unruly, and color-treated, the Love Touch Shine Spray is a member of the smooth family, promising control and a dazzling sheen. A few spritzes on your brush or directly onto your hair, and you're ready to shine with every strand perfectly polished.


  1. Davines OI All in One Milk

When hydration calls, the Davines OI All In One Milk answers with a resounding yes. This lightweight, leave-in spray is a powerhouse of benefits. It detangles, moisturizes, and combats frizz, all while providing heat protection and a persistent, pleasing perfume. Its antioxidant properties ensure your hair isn't just looking good but is genuinely nourished and protected. Apply it on towel-dried hair for an all-day, soft, and shiny finish that feels as good as it looks.


  1. Kaaral Blonde Elevation Charcoal Mask

Blondes, rejoice! The Kaaral Blonde Elevation Charcoal Mask is here to elevate your hair game. Say goodbye to unwanted orange and yellow tones with just one use. This mask is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, diving deep into your hair to nourish, restructure, and add an unparalleled shine and body. Free from parabens and mineral oil, it's a guilt-free indulgence for your blonde or lightened hair, promising brilliance and beauty in every application.


Stop by the our Center City hair salon to shop these essentials and let us help you embark on a journey to healthier, happier hair this spring.


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