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Nail Technician/Esthetician


When you think about getting your nails done I'm sure we all have a vision of what you expect your experience to be. Personally, I have never left the salon satisfied. I have what we call “special nails”. I thought I was doomed to have ugly nails my entire life. I always had a very weird satisfaction with watching my nail tech work, and observing the steps and thinking that I could do this inspired me to try to be my own nail technician. I got my first practice kit and realized it wasn’t my nails that were the problem. From that moment forward, I decided to dedicate myself to the study of proper nail sculpting and the health and care of the natural nail. I’m passionate about what I do because it allows me to use the skills which I have been sharpening since I was a child. I wake up every day and assist in self-care, I don’t think I could ask for a better career! It has been 5+ years since I began my career as a nail technician and I have not looked back since! I am happy to now find a nail salon like Giovanni & Pileggi to be able to apply these skills and dedication to the public. Some of the nail services which I complete for our customers are manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails and much more!